Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rads aren't bad...so far!

Hello everyone! I know I know...I haven't been very good at updating everyone. BUT...that just means I'm feeling better and I'm out and about! Since it's been so long I'll back up a bit! Last update was the great news that I did not have to do chemo! My oncotype test results came back at 12! I was hoping for under 18 but would have been happy with anything under 25! So 12 is awesome!! With that news we moved forward with radiation. Of course you know me I had already met with the radiologist before we even had the results. Some people call that proactive but I call it telling the universe what is going to happen! Just to make sure everything else was good I also did a bone scan and a PET scan. All clear on all fronts! Hopefully I'm done with the scans and the nuclear medicine for awhile! It really is such a double edge sword. You read all of these things that X-Ray's and scans themselves cause cancer. When you have cancer it seems that you are doing some kinda of scan every other day! 

So...radiation! Or RADS as it's so lovingly called. Well its not exactly rad...BUT it isn't so bad. ;) So far! Today marks my 7th treatment. I will do a total of 33 sessions. I go every morning at 9:30am, five days a week. It looks like I will finish on November 7th. Honestly it's super easy. Door to door the whole things takes about 30 minutes. Radiation is cumulative so it takes a few weeks for any side effects to kick in. So far so good. I have a little bit of a blush as they call it but I'm hoping that is all it does. One of the side effects is that your skin burns, just like a sunburn. So when I say blush it just means my skin is a little pink.  Hey...I'm a white girl...its bound to happen! Another side effect is fatigue. Because I'm generally fit and active they are saying it may not hit me too hard until the end. Remember it' cumulative so sometimes you're hit the hardest at the very end and 10-14 days after your last treatment. 

Physically I'm doing great! Scars are healing well and I feel pretty good. I definitely tire out a lot quicker then usual and I can not be in the sun. I'm learning to listen to my body and rest when I need to. Emotionally I'm going a little stir crazy. If you know me you know I'm not one to sit still. Not being able to travel and work is killing me. Andre has been amazing at dealing with my "I'm bored: and "I'm out of the loop" temper tantrums. 

Well....that's it for now! I'm really looking forward to my birthday this weekend! Lot's to celebrate!!

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