Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No Chemo!

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while but on top of everything else my computer crashed! So I hijacked Andre's computer to update everyone. First and foremost we finally got my oncotype test back. I am so excited to let everyone know that I do not have to do Chemotherapy! Woo hoo!! To break it down they basically score your reoccurrence rate 1-  100% and if you fall below 31% they generally do not recommend chemotherapy. I am so happy that my surgeon recommend this test and that I waited for the results. Disclaimer - to anyone else with breast cancer reading this oncotype test ,from what I understand, is best only if you are ER+ and node negative. The lower your reoccurrence rate the less likely your tumor is to return and respond to chemotherapy. Hence no reason to put your body through it. You will do better with hormone therapy. It's so weird I was ok with the side effects part of chemo. (well in my head right now) I already had some fun haircuts and dye jobs planned before my hair fell out. Not to mention between Gaga and Andre I could have a different amazing lace front wig everyday! It really all came down to time! I just do not have time to deal with it! (yes yes in the scheme of things what is 3 months) It would have kept me off of the road until the end of the year and that is just not an option! Luckily it doesn't have to be! 

While we were waiting for the test results I went ahead and met with my radiologist and finished my fertility treatments. Everything  moved smoothly and quickly with the fertility treatments. Other then being time consuming and expensive it was pretty painless. If I ever need to give myself injections for anything again it will be a breeze! The aftermath of retrieval on the other hand has not been fun. My retrieval was schedule for Monday morning. I guess I need to start mentioning to any anesthesiologist that I have the tolerance of a horse! Meaning it takes A LOT to knock me out and take care of the pain. Most people are pretty much already asleep by the time they wheel them into the room. No...not me I was still talking when they were ready to start the procedure. I'm not sure if they wanted to knock me out or just shut me up! Regardless it took a lot more then anticipated. Which I've heard often! (yes that applies to shutting me up as well) I take after my father in this regard. All in all I was in and out in about three hours! My Dr was very happy they were able to retrieve 16 eggs. From what I understand that is excellent! Now the recovery on the other hand has not been excelent. I wont go into detail but imagine the worst gas pain you have ever stop you in your track...double over in pain, pain! Yep...that's what I've experienced the last two days. I just wish it was just gas...I would know how to deal with that! Andre wouldn't be happy but I would! hee hee! I'm going back in for a check up tomorrow and hopefully it will start subsiding and is normal. 

Ok, so whats next! Radiation then if all goes well back to life with some hormone therapy thrown in! Friday I have a CT scan and meeting with my radiologist to "map" my chest. They are actually going to tattoo four dots on my chest. These dots will guide them where the "rays" need to go. All of this is the ensure they are hitting the breast and chest instead of other vital organs! ie heart and lungs! It's really all rather mathematical and exact to each person. Monday a bone scan, and Wednesday a PET scan. Once all of that is done I can start my radiation. I will go five days a week for 6-7 weeks. Each appointment will take about 30 minutes. Once I complete radiation I will then start hormone therapy for two years. Most people do five but I'll go into all of that fun stuff in another post!

Ok..back to bad TV! Thanks for reading! Love you all and thank you for all of your prayers and support! 


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  1. Thanks for the updates. I know about a million people are trying to be in touch and you don't have time for anyone right. Everyone understands this so it's nice to read your updates.

    I'm headed for a quick 2-day road trip with Weasel tomorrow. I'll say hi for you. Enzo got in touch too and says he's worried.

    Let everyone know if/ when they can come visit/ help with anything. I'm sure we're all willing and wanting to.

    Keep doing what you do!