Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Health takes work!

Hi everyone! I know I know! I'm way overdue for an update! The outpouring of love and support has been overwhelming!  Words are not adequate to show my gratitude. I know I could not do this without your emotional, spiritual and even financial support. I have to admit that the fundraiser was a hard pill for me to swallow, but I have realized that my lesson this time around is to accept help. I'm sure I was saying "I've got it" at the age of 2! However, sometimes in life you need to retrain yourself to just say THANK YOU! SO THANK YOU!

So..onto the good stuff! Below is a link to my new doctor, Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong. Yes, if you are in the know that Dr. Pat! I'll give you a minute to watch his 60 min special. Well..about 13 to be exact ;)


Ok! Pretty amazing right! Thanks to my amazing boss, who picked up the phone and called on my behalf, he saw me the very next day! Our initial meeting was upsetting and hopeful all wrapped into one. You never want to hear "time is of the essence" or "I wish we were speaking in 2012". However, I refuse to look backward. Only forward with optimism and faith.

I'm currently in the process of obtaining my actual biopsy slides to bring to Dr. Pat. As you can imagine, getting paperwork completed in a hospital is a nightmare, imagine trying to get actual tissue samples released! I sent all of my paperwork in on Thursday, called on Friday. When I had still not heard from anyone on Monday, I showed up at the records office. They tried to play the oh we never received it. I was like check again, it was sent at this time on this date. Oh..there it is, we apologize it was never entered. My response was..well enter it now; I'll wait! I was then forwarded to the pathology department who said it would take 3 to 4 days to process. My response..well, since your hospital missed my Stage IV diagnosis I'm switching hospitals, I appreciate if you speed up that process. He assured me he would do his best. Let's just say I anticipate I will have to make a personal visit again tomorrow.

Now I'm not actually blaming my Oncologist or Cedars. I know that we have done all of the appropriate testing, etc. However, I am inclined to go with Dr. Pat and that with other tests and looking at cancer from a cellular/micro level it would have been caught sooner. I've noticed that there really needs to be more education on a Stage IV diagnosis. I really think we need to change the way people think about it. It's not a death sentence. Unfortunately, that is the only way people look at it. It's really about quality of life over trying to beat it. Well..that's not how I think. I have full faith that I can beat this. Yep! I have the same attitude I did when I received my Stage II diagnosis. Just a lump in the road that I will crush!

On other fronts, I am 100% focused on my health. I have been instructed I am not allowed to work. If you know me, you know I did not take that well. I love my job, and we're in the middle of a huge move/project. However, when the boss tells you to stop working, you listen! In her words, my only job is kicking cancer's ass. So..what does that mean?!?! I now do yoga three times a week; I have a trainer I work out with three times a week. I do cardio at least four times as well. Yes..I'm basically working out twice a day some days. I've cut out alcohol, dairy, caffeine, and sugar. I also 100% organic food delivered daily. Oh did I mention hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions as well as an acupuncturist. So basically I'm not having any fun but I know it will be worth it! I believe cancer can be fought with food and optimal health.

I promise I'll be better about updating! Again I can not thank everyone enough!

I'll leave you with deep thoughts from Sarah Tanno and Jazz!