Wednesday, August 15, 2012

war is declared and battle come down on cancer!

bonjour sonjas friends,

this is andre` sonjas best friend, lover and life partner, some of you know me and some of you dont but we all know and love sonja so at the end of the day we are all truly connected to one another through her love for us all. this will be my 1st post on her blog and ill try to be as funny as sonja but you know sonja shes got this wicked sense of humor, even with cancer in the shadows. 

well as im here at the hospital waiting  for updates i just want all of you to know shes in surgery now, the process is estimated to last 8 hours, "wow 8 fucking hours" now you all know sonja, shes looking at it as 8 hours of much needed sleep and the fact that she'll have a new set of tits by the time she wakes up, (im stoked) im quoting her here. before going into the o.r she was laughing and joking around with her team of doctors typical of sonja to poke fun at any situation no matter how serious. i mean really did you think she was just gonna sit back and let this shit get her down, hell no! sonja wins! again!

sonja has this thing about her that is so wonderful, magical at times really, her amazing outlook on everything whether positive or negative is above and beyond! im in awe of her in so many ways and for this i love her like no other! she has been my rock, she is the moon of my life! i am moved beyond words from the out pour of love, prayers, meditations and support not only from our families but from each and everyone of her friends, co-workers, past and present. your words to her have been the pilar of strength your energy has given her the courage and the attitude to kick the shit out of this, sonja can do that, kick the shit of things. 

so on that note ive now gotten my 1st update from dr karlan her surgeon, he is quite pleased with the removal of the cancer we are not sure what the final size was, tbd. so phase 1 went very well, phase 2 will be several hours before we have an update, i will do my best to blog again tonight when shes out and resting. 

i love and appreciate each and every one of you.




  1. thank you for the update, andre!!

  2. Thanks Andre, we are sending much love to her and you to!

  3. Well said my man. Sonja and you are in our thoughts. She WILL kick the shit out of this.

  4. Thank You so much Andre! Very sweet upset and I am over the moon phase one went well. Hugs to the both of you ;)