Thursday, August 9, 2012

Patients is a virtue I do not have.. I finally got pissed and cried for the first time. I, unlike a lot of people I know will cry when I'm angry before I will cry because I'm upset or sad. So today I was furious. After stalking my surgeons scheduler or whatever her title is for the past week and a half she finally called back today to tell me my surgery had been scheduled...wait for it....for September 12th!! I'm sorry, did I hear you wrong ,you meant August 12th right?!?!?!? Nope September 12th! say I lost it on her would be an understatement.  First do people get anything done in the real world. Now when I say real world I guess I generally mean anything other then music or entertainment. I mean I know we are not saving lives but we sure act like we are!  It took this women almost 2 weeks to even SPEAK to my surgeon about his schedule. I get snapped at if I do not even acknowledge that I received an email within a few hours. True story...happened last night! So the fact that other people can go over a week and not even have a conversation...about cancer and when it can be removed from someone's body is beyond me!

So needless to say a few fiery phone calls to people above her head from me AND Gaga, miraculously August 15th was available again. Lesson learned today is when you haven't gotten an answer from someone within a reasonable time then go straight to the source. My surgeon may get annoyed but I'm calling him directly now.  I also have a complete lack of faith in his staff now. Ok, I'm exaggerating...just this one person but it's still a bitter taste. 

Well...lot's more to vent about but I'll catch you up another time. Just wanted to let everyone know my surgery has been schedule for Wednesday August 15th! Fingers crossed insurance approves everything and all my pre-op test come back good.

Bring on the scalpels! 

Oh and to all Born This Way Ball family travel safe and I miss you already! Be back soon!



  1. way to step in and use that Libra iron fist/velvet glove!!
    the maze of hospital/red tape is often unravelable, if that's a word.

    I will be leaving for a mini tour that day :( but will be thinking of you!
    can i see you before?

  2. This is a nice way to share your dilemma. All the best! This next hurdle will be a success. Good luck and stay strong.